My baby blog.


I guess this is my blog. Strange. I wasn’t really considering getting one of these until last week. A woman came into my news writing & reporting class and told us that a blog will give us an “edge.” So, I’m convinced. I could use all the edge I can get.

Mostly I plan on using this to write about my experience abroad next semester in Accra, Ghana. So until then my posts will probably be about trivial matters like accidentally shrinking my shirt in the dryer or my abnormal cravings for fro-yo.

Speaking of which, I really want some right now. My appetite goes through the strangest cycles. Just earlier today I sucked all of the salt off of half a bag of Rold Gold pretzel rods. Anyways. Not sure if that information is particularly blog-worthy.

Well I think I’m going for now. I want to soak in a few extra rays of Mr. Sun before he sneaks off over the horizon. Ta ta. 🙂 Life is good.


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