Sick as a dog.

I’ve been living under an electric blanket for the past 9 hours, going in and out of consciousness during ABC Family Christmas movie after ABC Family Christmas movie. As bad as I feel, I can’t complain. At least I don’t have work or class or anything else that I have to drag myself to. I just hope that I can taste the food tomorrow. Not being able to taste turkey day food=tragic.

Ironically, during my hours of laying here in lethargy, I’ve realized how lazy people have become. Now, not only is there a special tool that helps you cut your wrapping paper without even having to use your index finger and thumb, but it comes with an attached “palm mit” that has pre-cut tape strips. Wow. 😛

Half of the fun is getting there. I really think that, even when it comes to little things like giving gifts. There’s just something about the tiny, handmade imperfections that make them so special. But maybe I’m just crazy. Hmmm.

Well, I really just want to go pass out again for a bit. Happy Thanksgiving eve, everyone. 🙂


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