A bright red BMW driver: the wonder that is a college professor.

Professors are so mysterious. Often times I find myself on my way to class, staring down the oncoming cars, just to see if they’re in the driver’s seat. I admit, it’s something I do regularly. You know, people look like their cars a lot of the time.

My mom drives a smart little black Toyota Matrix, and it totally fits her. Not sure why, but it does. She just radiates Matrix-ness. A Toyota Matrix is sassy, but diplomatic. It’s frank, but tactful. It’s my mom.

I’ve always pictured my political science professor, Dr. Seldes, driving this bright red BMW that I see in the faculty parking lot. I really don’t know why. I just always see it there and I think to myself, “I bet you that’s his car. It just looks like him.” It’s so trim and perfectly shined.

Seldes is a man of class. Really, he is. Between his routine corduroys and sweater vests, his coffee addiction and his surely infinite number of tweed jackets, he is the epitome of a college professor. He has to be the driver of that bright red BMW. Only a bright red BMW driver can say things like “Now go forth, you Machiavellian pupils, and seize the day.”

Anyways, just more thoughts. Ta-ta. =)


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