A random post.

A knit cap. Wool socks. An apple spice candle. Cup of hot green tea. The sound of a dryer turning. A bright Christmas tree.

Life is good. Thanks, God. =)

You know, lately I’ve been thinking a lot about secrets. We all have them. Someone who has known me for years doesn’t know everything about me. I hide things, like everyone else. I don’t know everything about my family or my closest friends. Isn’t that kind of scary? That there could be something so dark, so twisted that it’s even too hard for your, say, grandmother to tell you. Or your best friend. Or your sister? Some hide secrets to save others from hurting and pain. Some people try to save themselves. You bury a secret deep in your heart, sucking it down into the dungeon of your soul, so you won’t ever think about it again. But you will. You always do.

Anyways, just thoughts. =) Night.


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