Hey God =)

For the first time in a long time I felt completely surrounded by God today. I took a nice long hike through the Garden of the Gods (ironic name, I know)  in Colorado Springs. Went off the trail a bit, and found myself in complete solitude, except I wasn’t. He was there, and I knew it.

I got lost far off the trail. But for some reason, the farther I tracked from the road and the occasional hum of passing cars, the more whole I felt. The silence entered. The footprints in the snow ceased to linger. And all I could hear were my own thoughts.

There’s something so special about being consumed by the wilderness. It has been there for so long and here I come, just a mortal human being, just a 20 year old girl, just another breathing body on this earth, and Mother Nature gladly welcomes me.

That’s the thing about nature. You are who you are. It is what it is. That’s where I find God- really, God. Not some man-made God, a wrathful and condemning God, but a God who accepts me. A God that opens his arms to me, before I even ask for him to. After I enter them, they are easily opened back up, for me to come or go. But either way, he embraces me for all that I am as well as all that I am not.

And that’s really God, isn’t it? Open arms. Open. Never closed. That means you can come and go as you please. Whichever path you choose, he’s always there. You might get lost for a while, thinking you don’t need him, but something will pull you back. Or maybe not, but for me, I always come back. As soon as I realize how little I can do on my own, or whatever I accomplish isn’t so sweet as I thought it would be, you can find me running straight back.

And I’m running back, sprinting, actually. I’ve realized something lately. Sure, we can do as much as we can alone, but the time will come when we just can’t do it on our own anymore. And that’s when we’ll find surrender more filling than any good grade, fancy car or new love interest.

In my sprint back to you, I find myself moving forward. Straight into your arms. Your infinite, warm, open arms.


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