New Year’s resolution? No, Old Year’s evolution.

I’ve never been big on New Year’s resolutions, but this year I’m going to do something similar. Instead of things I want to do, I’ll make a list of things I’m leaving behind. Things that are changing and growing.

Read this quote today: “Tiny is the flower yet it scents the grasses around it.” So simple, so sweet, and so true. I like to think of it like the butterfly effect. Just one flap of a butterfly’s wings can change a whole eco-system. Or something like that. Well, with us humans it’s the same way. The little things we do have a huge effect on other people.

It might not be an action, it might just be an attitude towards something. Lately, I’ve been letting my past paralyze my present. The people who have hurt me before aren’t the same people that are here now, so why am I letting them make their abusive ways a part of my life today?

Hence, my new idea. No, not New Year’s Resolutions. Old Year’s Evolution. Starting with this:

1. I will no longer date guys that I help, but hurt me. If I do find someone, I will make sure they fit this criteria.

2. I will no longer let jealousy hurt me. When it comes a-knockin’ will acknowledge it and let it go.

3. I will no longer speak before I think. I will try to fill all words with wisdom.

And I think that’s about it, for now. Maybe I’ll think of some more before midnight. But hey, this is probably enough self-evolution to keep my hands full. Focus.

Happy 2010, everyone. 🙂


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