I guess I better start blogging regularly. I was reading a book earlier about how important it is for writers to clock out a certain number of words per week, or per day. So even if I’m just blogging about the most random, pointless things, (which is basically what I’ve done so far) I must continue.

I leave for Africa in 4 days. Four days. Wow. I was talking to the other person who is going to live in our house while I’m there. His name is Billy. He seems like he’ll be a good roommate. I’m glad there’s a guy that will be living with us. If it were to be three girls or just two girls, I don’t know how that would go down. Depends on how the other girl is. She seems very sweet and kind though. I’m really not concerned in the least. 🙂

I just can’t wait, though. I can’t wait to immerse myself in another culture. A completely different way of living. I just hope that when I’m there I don’t get homesick and seek familiarity. But I am prepared to go through culture shock. Or at least I hope I’m ready..

I’ve decided to write down some goals that I want to accomplish while being there:

1. Learn how to hold a basic conversation in Twi, their native language.

2. Try “Star” beer. I’ve heard many good things about it. And I happen to really like beer.

3. Find a wild elephant. Get as close as I can to it.

4. Go to Coco Beach. http://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com/media/photo-s/01/10/66/95/new-coco-beach-resort.jpg

5. Climb the rain forest tree tops.

6. Snap photos up the wazoo. Hopefully get a few published.

7. Continue writing in this blog, updating it at least weekly.

That’s all for now. I’ve gotta go continue packing and all that. But I also would like to say that I will be writing a weekly column for Times News during my stay in Accra. Hopefully y’all will be able to find it online! I’ll post the link for all my articles.

For now,



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  1. Amber Simchak

    Aww , I didn’t know you were goin to Africa too?? So awesome! Have a great time. Ill be living vicarioulsy through our blog. Write a lot! Good luck!

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