Golden Tulip. Giant Snails.

It’s been a pretty awesome 24 hours. Ruth and I decided to go out last night- girls night. We were craving dessert, which Ghanaians just don’t seem to have a lot of here, so we headed down to the Golden Tulip. I got hot apple pie, with ice cream and extra whipped cream. YUM. And Ruth got a chocolate… something or other. Fondat? I’ve never heard of it. But I’m sure it was equally delicious.

After getting attacked last night by Harry’s cousin (Harry is the cockroach that’s always in our kitchen. His cousin lives in the bathroom.), I decided to shower earlier on, before it gets dark, so I can avoid running into this little guy. But anyways, today we met a new friend. A GIANT snail. It was pretty awesome, I have to say.

And now I have class. Last one for the week. Tomorrow we don’t have anything planned, and it’s a Friday. So I’m pretty pumped about that. On Saturday we’re going to volunteer at a local orphanage. Being here is making me realize how important it is to help others. And no, not just by throwing my money into some government organization for construction of a newer, better building with high def TVs, but actually getting my hands dirty. Doing something. Making my life special by helping someone else. Because if we’re all just living for ourselves, what good is that?

Write again soon.

– : )


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  1. laura

    Ahh! So you do get ice cream there! Now what am I going to do with the freeze dried ice cream sandwhich I got for you? lol I’m going to eat it.

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