So today in class we wrote down our expectations for being here. This past weekend has been so inspiring, and every day I feel my love for this place growing stronger. I have such an amazing opportunity here to make a difference in people’s lives. Even though I might only be volunteering at one small primary school in a slum, so much can come from it.

The butterfly effect. Pay it forward. If I inspire and educate just the students, a world of change can develop. Who knows, maybe the future president of Ghana is in my classroom. Maybe I am teaching a future UN leader about how important it is to protect the environment.

God knows. And he has a plan for all of this. But anyways, here are some of my goals:

1. Inspire and empower students to follow their dreams.

2. Raise awareness abroad of the issues people are facing here by creating a web site with opportunities for people to donate to or volunteer for the school.

3. Teach the students about the importance of personal hygiene.

4. Show Ghanaians how important it is to keep the earth clean.

5. Visit families and get to know them on a personal level.

6. Introduce the children to a computer. <— I started a new course at Anani! Computer 101! The kids love it.

Hopefully I will get the web site up and running soon, so if any of you want to donate or send supplies, you can do that. ANYTHING and everything would be much appreciated. I will let you know more details as time goes on.

Well I better get going. Hope everyone is enjoying the snow storm. It’s currently 90 degrees and I’m in a sundress.


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