Fundraiser for blackboards..

Anani Memorial International School is a small, privately funded school in Nima, a highly impoverished slum in urban Accra, Ghana. The school is struggling to make ends meet, but still manages to offer free education for many of the students. Recently I have learned that they make their own chalkboards out of a battery acid mixture. They cannot afford to provide the students with cement blackboards, like most of the government-funded schools. So three times a year, the students bring in four batteries a piece. After class lets out, the teachers begin cracking the batteries open with stones and mixing it in a big bucket with their hands and a stick. They paint the liquid directly on the wall, let it dry and repeat this process every four months. If you are interested in helping and have questions, please e-mail me at with the subject line “Project Aid Anani.”

Checks and money can be addressed to:

M. Angela Traupman

8013 Cross Creek Circle

Breinigsville, PA 18031

If you make the check out or send money to my mother it will be directly transferred into my account and I will give it to the headmaster for the chalkboard costs. We will keep an accurate tab of the money sent to us so that it gets put in the right hands as fast as possible. This fundraiser will come to a close on May 2.

So please consider this. Even one dollar helps. Thank you and God bless!


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