Soak up the sun.

So… this is it. It’s almost over. I’ve spent sixteen weeks battling African heat, making my way around Ghana via public transit, volunteering hundreds of hours at a primary school, making beautiful memories with people I’ll never forget and learning the most important lessons about life.

We’ve raised 900 Ghana cedis for the school’s blackboards. I gave it all to the school today. I am going to make a video so you guys who have donated your time and money to this school can see how much they appreciate it. It’s such a beautiful thing. Thank you SO SO much for all of your help! Couldn’t have done it without you.

My mom sent me a package that arrived here one month ago, which I picked up today. And oh have I learned the ways of the post office. They used to charge me at least 15 cedis to pick up a package. Today I only paid two, plus one box of Peeps and a bag of hair conditioner (THANKS MOM!). Bribery goes a long way. And no, I don’t think of it as lowering my standards, but as embracing the culture. Two can play this game.

Last weekend we were invited by a friend to Ada Foah, a beach about 100 kilometers east. It was absolutely stunning. We stayed with the owner of Azar Paints. Let’s just say… we stayed in his island house. Just one of the three he owns in Ghana alone. And let’s just say it was a complete 180 from what we’ve been experiencing thus far in Ghana.

It’s so crazy how much things have turned around in the last few weeks. God has really provided us with some comfort and relaxation. And when I lie in bed at night, thinking how I only have a few days left, I get this bottomless feeling in my stomach.

As hard as it has been, it’s also been so rewarding. I wouldn’t trade this journey for the entire world. The lessons I’ve learned! Ah! I can say that I am returned a more well-rounded and patient individual, with a new respect and appreciation for everything.

So the next post I write might be in the Frankfurt airport. Or maybe even from…. home… Weird. It’s going to be so different not seeing chickens and goats running all around. And not being shouted to across the street. And not seeing people carrying things on their heads. And not drinking water out of a bag. And not… sweating.

So thank you all for following me on this journey. With three days left, I’m trying to soak it up for all its worth. Soon it will be time for one of the hardest parts: leaving. Adapting back. Saying goodbyes and stepping on to that plane… Here we go.


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