Who I am.

Hi- My name’s Amanda, and I’m a junior journalism major at Rider University. For the next four months I will be living, studying and volunteering in Accra, Ghana. I’m using this blog to publish updates about my program and just every day life here. Hope you enjoy!

– : )

P.S. You can email me at asandlin07@hotmail.com.


24 responses to “Who I am.

  1. Gram and PapPap

    Hi, Amanda. It’s 4:45pm Monday here in Tamaqua. Your mom and I just got home from a movie in Hazleton. We got free tickets plus two other free tickets, because of a mix-up on the Fandango movie times. Fandango said the movie “Leap Year” was supposed to start at 12:45pm, and when we got there the doors were locked and the actual movie time was 1:30pm. Your mom raised a fuss and the manager begged forgivness and offered us the free tickets. What luck. The movie was cute. It starred Amy Adams who also starred in “Julie, Julia”. Hope you get to Aggra safely. We will be looking forward to hearing from you. Love, Gram

  2. Your mom called me when she was on her way to work. She said you arrived safely, and I was very glad to hear that news. Aunt Mona came by today for brunch. She had been to Dr. Jewells to get her root canal fixed. It hadn’t healed completely, so she has to go back again later this month. Our lives are so blah compared to the adventure you are experiencing. We look forward to hearing about everything, so have a good time, for us. Love, Gram

  3. Shannon

    Hey jigga jigga,
    I am glad to see you are enjoying your first days in Ghana:) In 5 hours I will be turning 21…can you believe that? We are getting old, sister:P I think it is so amazing what you are doing-i’m somewhat envious…but in a good way! The most excitement I get in a day is when a patient cancels hahaha. I cannot believe you are going to be gone for for months but I know you are and will continue to have the time of your life:) I can’t wait for summer and for you to get home. I read your one post about possibly having an internship in washington, talk about exciting!!! Ahhh well, I had a few minutes and I was thinking about you today and how much I miss you. I will get a hold of you somehow as much as I can. You’re in my thoughts and prayes. I love you:)

    and one more thing-I’m proud of you<3

  4. Hi, Amanda. Today is Monday. It rained all day Sunday and today. It finally stopped this evening. I’m so glad you are having a good time. I went by Times News a few days ago. They will run your column this Saturday, 1/30. I’m looking forward to it. I love your pictures. The little boy is adorable. The thought of cockroaches and snails is a little yucky though. Be careful, Honey. We love you dearly. Gram and PapPap

  5. Shannon

    Sandy mandy,
    Hello darlingggg:) I want you to know how much i loved waking up to your text the other morning:) It seriously made my day! I went to A.C. for my 21st it was a great time but I want you to come home so we can have some more truly amazing times…i want to go camping sooo bad. I was coaching practice today and meere cat katie told me she was playing badmitton in gym class and I started laughing hysterically. She asked why i thought that was so funny so i told her all about our distraction techniques. The best part was when she said, “oh my gosh, you mean to tell me that the two of you made those noises you used to make in the showers after practice.” Ahahaha I swear that old man Al heard her say that and was probably thinking of something totally different. Ohhh only us<3 Well, I am heading to bed so I can wake up and leave by 6:30 tomorrow. I'll write as much as possible:) I figure it brings that beautiful smile of yours out:) 1 love you<3

    • Ah! Shannon! And Gram! I can’t tell you both how much I LOVE getting online and seeing these comments. 🙂 Jigga! I miss you so so so much. You should save up some of that moolahhh you’re makin and pay a visit to the “motherland.” HAHA. If not, we’ll have to go camping as soon as I get home. Yes. Definitely. We’ll do that. 🙂

      • Shannon

        If I didn’t have to work I would seriously consider making a trip! I think it is soooo amazing what you are doing:) If you aren’t too busy this summer I want to take a trip somewhere, anywhere, and try to help people out with you:) I did some volunteer preventive densitry and placed sealants and children’s teeth but I want to do moreeee. I want you to bring your guitar when we go camping so we can jam out<3

  6. Hi amandasanda. Your first column ran in the Times News yesterday. I was so proud of you. It was just super great. You are destined for success in journalism…and that’s not just because we are related. You have a way with words! Your W-2 came yesterday. Income Tax time will be here before we know it. I called your mom. She is planning to come for a movie sometime this week and will get your mail. You have a new SELF magazine also. Love you oodles. Gram and PapPap

  7. Shannon

    Hi lover:) How is everything going? I miss you soooo much, I can’ wait until you come home so we can do something crayyyy crayyy:p Your article was in the Times News, it’s hung up in the pool near the visitor bleachers:)!!! You are so lucky you are missing this cold weather- I’m sick once again from it:/ Sorry this is so short and most likely has a lot of spelling grammar errors but I’m in a hurry and just wanted to let you know I am thinking about you! Love you<3

  8. Shannon

    Hey you:) I just finished reading yet another amazing post! I can’t believe you are doing all of these amazing things in Africa. These stories do not sound like they are being told by my friend, they honestly sound as if they are being published in a magazine or a book and a great one at that:) I loved your most recent post, I loved absolutely everything about it. To start off, a description of your mid-urination experience with cockroaches, how can it get any better? Hahaha I liked the humor in that part but to hear how much these experiences are truly affecting your soul simply moves me. I, for instance, may never have the pleasure and pain all at once by doing something as simple as giving a young girl a pen. As simple as that really does sound I had a visual while I was reading your story and I could just see you with your beautiful smile and warm eyes giving this poor little girl the world- only to have her as excited as we would be to be given the keys to a new car or something. Maybe it’s because I know you and maybe it’s not but I just know how genuine your told emotions are behind these stories because a reader cannot be moved the way you move me with these little depictions.

    Ok, so maybe that was long but I just wanted to let you know once again how proud of you I am:)

    Love you:)

  9. Shannon! Your comment absolutely made my day. I’m sitting here in an internet cafe after an exhausting day of teaching, and it totally lifted my spirits. =) Thank you so much. I can’t tell you how much it means to me. And Shannon… you can have this opportunity to make a difference. Anyone and everyone can! Save up some money and volunteer for a couple weeks over the summer. Does your job give you vacation time? I would really recommend taking a good two weeks or a month to do some hardcore volunteering. It really opens up your eyes to the rest of the world and shows you how fortunate we are. I can tell you that when I get back, I’m going to be realizing things I’ve never realized before. Like how beautiful it is to have clean water out of the tap. Please please please, consider traveling just for a bit. You have the heart for things like this too. I know it. And anything you set your mind to you can do. Don’t waste life away just wishing. Do what God is calling you to. What your heart is pulling you towards. And go for it with all you have! I miss you!!!!

  10. Hi Sweetie. This has been quite a week, with snow, snow and more snow. We have about 20 inches on the ground now, at least. We cancelled Wednesday night Bible study and prayer meeting because of the snow. We had a Hospice training class Monday evening. We will be visiting and sharing time with people facing eternity shortly. It’s only once a week, but it’s a chance to share God’s love perhaps one last time. I’ve always enjoyed visiting…even when we go to the nursing homes. One lady I visited had cancer. We prayed together. Before I could meet with her again the next week, she had gone to be with the Lord. Her husband is coming to our church now. I love being in this God business. And I love what you are doing as well. Miss you, too. Have a great day, Gram and PapPap

  11. Shannon

    I am going to start where you left off, A SUN DRESS??? I am soooo jealoussss. On a more important note, I noticed one of your expectations for your trip was to teach the children personal hygiene. If you want I can see if my boss would be willing to donate some toothbrushes, toothpaste, floss and I can even send you some pamphlets about oral hygiene. I know it’s not a huge thing over there but creating a habit around children especially at eleven or twelve years of age can really make a difference. Just a thought but if you don’t think that will work I am more than willing to help with whatever else you may want or need. Let me know, thinking of you always jigga:)
    love ya!

    • Yes Shannon! That would be amazing. Please let me know if you can do this. I was just thinking about calling a bunch of companies back home and asking them if they could donate things like that to these kids. They really, really would appreciate it. 🙂 Thanks SO much for thinking of this!!! 🙂 Love ya!!!

  12. Hi Amandasanda. Today is Tuesday, 2/16.we had a birthday dinner for Aunt Mona, 2/08, and Aunt Jayne, 2/27. Your mom was off work last night, so she was able to attend. Gene had dinner with Katie after a resume writing seminar at his church. She would’t go without him. Aunt Maude was sick with a cold and Allen was working. It started snowing around 4:00pm again. We’ve had about two feet of snow in the past two weeks, and it’s been too cold for it to melt. Aunt Jayne had eye surgery Friday, 2/5, and returned to Philadelphia to get the stitches removed yesterday. She and Bob Nittle came directly here for the dinner last evening. We had roast beef (Baked chicken for Bob), mashed potatoes, succotash, turnip greens, devilled eggs, fresh fruit, and apple and cherry pie with ice cream. What kind of food do they eat in Ghana? The Times News has only run one of your articles so far. Actually they ran the one article twice. Every Saturday I’m looking for you in the news. I love you. Gram and PapPap

  13. shannon hoben

    Hey hey:) Can you let me know how many toothbrushes and paste you think you will need for the school? I basically need to know How mand total toothbrushes/toothpaste samples total, and if possible the approximate age of each class you plan on teaching.

    48 total…. 24 children are around the age of 14, 8 are 12, and 16 are around 6.

    only because I want to try to give them toothbrushes that are “correct” for their mouth size and teeth they have. I basically break it down *children less than or equal to 6 yrs. *children under age 12. *and children over the age of 12.

    Let me know, love:) I miss you<3

  14. Shannon

    Hello Amanda,
    My name is Shannon and I work with your mom and she was telling me that you would like to raise money for supplies for the students in Africa. I would love to help you if you’d like. I could pass out fliers here at Easton Hospital and help you raise money. Let me know if you’re interested =)


  15. shannon

    hey hey girl:) you never got back to me about the donations. do you still need them? I MISS YOU<3

  16. Okay there are two Shannons now, so this could get confusing. But Shannon HOBEN- I’m not sure if the donations will work out just because of shipping costs. Do you know how much it would cost for your office to ship a big box here? First make sure that the funds are available and then I will let you know a specific number.

    Shannon, the other one (sorry I don’t know your last name!) I would LOVE it if you could do that! Is there anywhere you could just type up a quick flyer with the basic information I blogged about a few days ago? You could maybe just use pictures from my previous blogs as well. If not, just let me know and I will try to find a way of creating one. Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

  17. shannon hoben

    amanda darlinggg, i will definitely look into the shipping cost asap. Even if the office can’t cover i might be able to contribute;) and approximately how much money does the school need to raise for the chalkboards? Once again, i might be able to figure a way to help out with that too:) In response to your im’s this morning, I know exactly how you are feeling hun. Sure it’s fun to get out and do 21-year-old activities but nothing competes with our adventures…not even a little. It does get REALLY old REALLY fast…once or twice a month is ok but not everyday or week is just too much. It’s finally starting to get warm here!!! Time for glen onoko and you know as soon as you get home we will do lots of that, camping, random dancing in random parking lots, possible stalking( i will NEVER forget that one:p) and a little traveling would be nice too:) When you get home i will be sure to get the enitre season of the bachelor and we can make a night out of it…wait until you see this season haha. It will be like the old days when we go sooo worked up over the guy or girl picking jerks! we also have to make some updated tay tay swift covers hahaha. I must get back to work but just know you and our crazy times together are missed and that i love you<3

  18. Hi Amanda. Thanks for the phone call Sunday evening. I was completely amazed how clear the sound was…from the other side of the world. I just read the latest comments and your blogs. We are planning to go to Aunt Susan’s this next week-end, March 26-28 to celebrate her 5-0. It will be Laura’s birthday too. She is planning to go to LasVegas to visit friends soon, and I don’t know if she will be home or not for our visit. It was so good to hear from you, Sweetheart. Take care and God bless you. Gram and PapPap

  19. shannon

    Hey girllll:) How are you? I have been missing you more and more lately. The weather has been so gorgeous lately, it reminds me of our various adventures. ohhh hiking, bike riding, runs, walks through tamaqua while singing taylor swift at the top of our lungs…and last but not least CAMPINGGGG:) I can’t wait to read your next blog or to see you. I love you:)

  20. Hi Amanda. We dog sat the pups last week-end while Gene took your mom to a secret birthday presentation in upstate New York. I don’t know if that was before your excursion in the Northern section of Ghana. Your mom said she was speaking to you when you got e-mail from Lynn about Jonathan. I would loved to have seen the expression on your face. We were all shocked to hear the news. Anyway, the surprise was a cooking class at the school where Bobby (the diver at TAHS, I forget his last name) is going to school. She loved the class and had a couple of gourmet meals and a movie while they were there. I’m glad they did something she enjoyed. We’re all fine and hope you are as well. Love, Gram and PapPap

  21. Shannon- Hello lovely! I miss you as well. How are things going? I see that you’re busy with work. Working girl. 😛 I’ll be seeing you in just three weeks time! Yayyyyy:D Have you raised any money? I think in two weeks will be the last week my mom accepts money, just in case you wanted to. No pressure. 🙂 Let me know how things are going! Miss yaaaaa. ❤ ❤

    Gram and Pap- I miss you guys! I'll be back very soon. Can't wait to see you. 🙂

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