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Being taken care of…

Never underestimate the power of showing someone you care. Over the past week of being back home I’ve been absolutely amazed by people, mostly family and friends, who want to do everything in their power to make me feel comfortable.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been out of the country, but these people are truly selfless and special. I need to say thank you.

Thank you to my mom, who constantly puts others before herself. Whether she’s busy saving people’s lives in the hospital, or at home spoiling me with chocolate chip cheesecake from scratch, she’s truly the single most thoughtful person I’ve ever known. Thank you.

My dad, who puts up with my lack of communication. I know we only get to see each other a couple times a year, at most, but I love you. You’re always there, watching out for me. You’ve even offered to act like a mentally insane person to scare unwanted love interests away. Thank you.

My grandparents, with their door always open and hot chocolate in the cup, ready for me to indulge. Gram, your cards helped me pull through in Ghana. When the end of each month rolled around, I couldn’t wait to tear open the next.

My Aunt Lynn, who fills my inbox with motivational quotes and the occasional picture of a fuzzy kitten. You are a ray of sunshine in my life, and I’m sure everyone else’s!

My Aunt Sue and Uncle Frank, who have opened up their home to me for the summer. Don’t think I don’t appreciate that sofa bed. I do. And the grilled cheeses. And even the… paper plates *gasp*! : )

My friends, who are there for me in spite of my random weirdness. Who stick by me when I make a fool out of myself in public places. Who dance with me down the street. Who yell out car windows to prepubescent teens with me. Who take me out to dinner and insist I get the buffet AND dessert. Who hug me when I’m sad and laugh at me when it’s appropriate. And even when it’s not.  I LOVE you.

So this is just a great big thanks to all of you, everyone who has made the transition back home a good one. Your kindness does not go unnoticed. It means the world, truly.


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